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Visual literacy means being able to read, understand, and create visual texts. Children's picture books give parents and teachers wonderful opportunities to help elementary school kids become visually literate.

On the other hand, younger children would be able to relate to the books that they are being read to, through bookthemed art& craft activities. You can find some good suggestions here and here. reply to this comment NEW!

Picture Book Month Teachers Guide Picture Book MonthTeachers Guide PBM Color Certificates PBM B& W Certificates PBM Color Bookmark PBM B& W Bookmark AAAS Science Books& Film Best Science Picture Books of 2012 Jan Bretts Activities Toni Buzzeos Curriculum The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin is the most unique picture book Ive come across. Unlike traditional picture books about colours, this book invites readers to imagine colours through the perspective of a blind person, using a persons senses to describe each colour, rather than using bright, colourful pictures.

Kathy's AngelNik Designs& Art Project Ideas: " If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" Mouse Puppet Art Project Find this Pin and more on LOVE BOOKS: Picture Books and Activities by The Educators' Spin On It. " If You Give Find this Pin and more on Activities, art and picture books by Victoria Roberts. My Pen by Christopher Myers (March This one is quite lovely, especially for kids who love to sketch. It is an artist's ode to the instruments of his art, simple ink and paper. We are always inspired to do fun crafts and learning activities whenever we read some of our favorite childrens books!

Here is a list of activities weve come up with inspired by popular childrens books (alphabetized by title). 25 Terrific Art Projects Based on Favorite Picture Books: Easy HowTo's for Delightful Art Projects That Enrich Kids' Reading Experience (Scholastic Professional Books) Paperback April 1, 2002 Picture Books About Art. Mix It Up by Herve Tullet Another fun interactive book by Tullet.

In this book kids can think about and explore color mixing. You spend hours of your precious time each week creating amazing lesson plans with engaging themes and activities your kids will love. I use picture books to supplement my lessons, introduce art history in kidfriendly ways, and begin discussions about creativity, defining art, art concepts, or art careers. A story is going to stick with students longer than a list of facts, because its easier to remember and appeals to them on a positive, emotional level.

Here are 20 Picture Books and Activities just for you. The Educators Spin On It asked our blogging friends to create Activities to go along with a Picture Book during our Book Exchange. These activities work great for your home, preschool or classroom.

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