Paper bag book covers how to make

Step Three: Fold the paper up to the bottom edge of the book cover and make a crease all the way along the paper. Step Four: Do the same thing as in Step Three at the top of the book cover. Step Five: Wrap the paper around the front cover of the book and fold it around the front edge of the book. Aug 29, 2009 I used an existing fold along the bottom to start out. Then I use the book as a guide to mark the height. Line up the book with the bottom of the cover.

Then fold up the top overlap. Do that the whole length of the cover and then fold it down. Tip: if the bag has a label on it, make sure it's on the inside. Fold the bag over the book so that the edges of the ends line up and the book is in the middle of the bag.

Fold the ends of the bag back to where the ends of the book flaps are. Trim down the excess so that youve got several inches of paper bag on the inside covers of the book. How to Create a Paper Bag Book Cover. Covering a book with paper protects the hardcover from wear and tear. If you just don't like to use plastic wrap or fabric covers to cover your books, then a paper bag is a great alternative, and is.

Fold the bag into the front cover of the book, inserting the corners of the book into the paper bag flaps as shown below. Repeat with the back cover, tightening the cover as needed by adjusting the front and the back cover sections.

Secure the top and bottom edges with tape, being careful not to apply tape to the book itself (only taping the Jul 22, 2006 Center the book and fold the left and right edges of the paper over the front and back covers of the book.

6. Check that the left edge of the paper reaches halfway across the inside front cover and that the right edge covers the same distance on the back cover when the book is closed.

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