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Sarcococca (sweet box or Christmas box) is a genus of 1620 species of flowering plants in the box family Buxaceae, native to eastern and southeastern Asia and the Himalayas. They are slowgrowing, monoecious, evergreen shrubs 12 m (37 ft) tall. Books Music Art& design TV& radio Stage and the air was full of the subtle, sweet fragrance of sarcococca, or sweet box. One form of which S. ruscifolia v. chinensis 'Dragon Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna said to be" the best form of Christmas box" by Xera Plants (and muchtouted in classic English gardening books), it has purplishred stems and larger flowers than the fairly commonplace S.

hookeriana var. humilis. Christmas box is a smallish evergreen shrub native to Asia. The leaves are dark shiny green, leathery and pointed and in winter the stems bear many very small white flowers almost hidden underneath the leaves, which are followed in summer by red or black berries. May 24, 2013 show you how to prune Sarcococca or Christmas Box. Pruning these plants is not as hard as you might think.

Follow our Sarcococca confusa: Christmas Box Sweet smelling flowers are enough to make us love a plant forever, but Sarcococca keeps on giving.

Its dark, glossy, evergreen leaves, birdattracting Sarcococca ruscifolia christmas box book, comfort in shady gardens (even in dry shade! ) and pestfree nature clinch the deal. 3 X SARCOCOCCA CONFUSA CHRISTMAS BOX EVERGREEN SHRUB HARDY GARDEN PLANT IN POT. 12. 99 15. 49. Eligible for FREE UK Delivery. Sarcococca ruscifolia Christmas Box. Sweet Box. by IR Plants& gardens.

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Sarcococca species and cultivars are commonly known as the Christmas Box. This common name refers to the fact that they come into flower about Christmas time and fill the air with a magnificent scent with their masses of tiny fragrant blossoms.

Venturing out of the terrace doors this morning I am hit, full frontal, by the scent of Christmas Box, Sarcococca ruscifolia. The fragrance coming from the feathery Now that box throughout the country has become susceptible to the fungal disease that turns it brown, there is a hunt on to find an evergreen replacement.

Sarcococca humilis could be the answer. Sarcococca, also known by many as Sweet Box, is a wonderful, smaller evergreen shrub with glossy green, attractive foliage. However, its best claim to fame are its tiny winter blooming flowers that provide an incredible thick, delightful vanillalike fragrance. 1 X SARCOCOCCA CONFUSA CHRISTMAS BOX EVERGREEN SHRUB HARDY GARDEN PLANT IN POT. by gardenexpert Sarcococca Ruscifolia 'Dragon Gate' 15cm Pot Size, GreenWhite, 20x20x45 cm. by Garden Expert.

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