Reasons to breathe book 2

" Reason to Breathe" is a young adult novel by Rebecca Donovan, which focuses on the life and events of sixteen yearold Emma Thompson, and her abuse at home. The town of Weslyn, Connecticut, is wealthy and quiet. Her novels include: Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing, and the eagerlyanticipated conclusion of the series, Out of Breath.

Rebecca is a graduate of the University of Missouri Columbia and lives in a quiet town in Massachusetts with her son. Reason To Breathe (The Breathing Series, # 1) Assuredly, this is one great (tragic) story. So often recommended and the only thing holding me back was the cliffhanger.

I was waiting for book# 2, and ahhhhhhh finally! It has been released, Reason to Breathe is the first book in the millioncopy bestselling Breathing Series. No one tried to get involved with me, and I kept to myself. This was the place where everything was supposed to be safe and easy. Reason to Breathe is one of those rare stories where the love story is just as gripping as the danger. The reader wants so badly for Emma to find happiness. She's been denied any kind of love for so long, and Evan seems like the perfect person to offer that chance.

Barely Breathing is the sequel to Reason to Breathe in the new adult trilogy The Breathing Series by USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Donovan. I run a book club. From time to time, I find it almost impossible to find good study guidesdiscussion questions for the books we are reading. After finishing Reason to Breath and Barely Breathing I feel completely out of breath.

Rebecca Donovan played with my emotions like I was ivory and she was Chopin. Barely Breathing was raw, heartbreaking and frankly, I was just waiting for Emma to completely lose it through a good portion of the book.

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