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The Shop Directory. Welcome to the Shop Directory version 3. 0 with me, your host, The Shop Wizard! Here you can find a complete listing of every single shop in Neopia, including some of the more obscure ones such as the Hidden Tower and the Igloo Garage Sale.

We've organized the list of shops into categories based on the type of items NeoPets ListsFinders Book List. This is a list all of all the books on NeoPets. If you find we are missing a book, please contact us and tell us.

Thanks to liz from the forums for sending us this complete list. The books are in letter order so they will be easier for you to find. The Item Database is a collection of items found on Neopets allowing users to view information such as the item's price, price history, profit, and owners. The Item Database is fully automated and requires minimal user input in order to update the data contained within it.

: : orofane's cheap book guide Welcome to Orofane's Cheap Book Guide, a petpage designed to help you locate affordable books to raise your pets' intelligence. Here you'll find a list of various books selling for less than 1, 000nps. If you have any additions, comments, or questions, feel free to neomail me. Thanks for visiting! Neopets Book List From AZ, to numbers and characters, our Neopets Book list has it all!

Use this handy list if you need to look up a book, or see which books NeoPets Book List Neopets Book List provided by NeoPets RefDesk. Saturday, August 28# 1002 spells for you 101 negg recipes 101 uni treats 105 castle toilets 12 angry myncis Booktastic Books; Neopets. com; Contact Am I missing a book? TELL ME; Not a neopets. com member? Click the above pic to join! ! The shiny trophies for each of these awards are given to those Neopian citizens who have read the largest number of books and Booktastic Books, respectively.

The Neopian Book Award covers all books not sold by Neopets books list by price bookshop on Kreludor. Jun 08, 2012 Like with TDN's avatar checklist, you can copy the source code of the page that lists what books your pet has read, and it filters those out, so you only see ones they haven't read. : ) You can sort by price, so the cheapest ones show up first. Intellectual Neopets will be heading to the Book Shop to get their hands on these new books.

28th Oct. Educate your Neopet with these information books from the Neovian Printing Press. 24th Oct. Time to study up, drop by the Neovian Printing Press for these new books. 20th Oct. Nov 28, 2008 Best Answer: Jellyneo has a wonderful item database.

You can search it for ay item or category of item and sort the results in a few different ways. I searched for books and sorted the results by price. Book Checklist; Books Checklist. Using this tool, you can easily see which books your Neopet has not read. To get your list, simply follow the instructions below. Instructions. Visit the Quick Ref page on Neopets. Under the Neopet you wish to use, click their intelligence link to visit their Books Read page.

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