Fiendish chain vs book of eclipse card

Jun 28, 2012 Fiendish Chain vs Rescue Rabbit YuGiOh TCG Q& A. In regards to activating the card you're right, they're faster. However that's irrelevant with respect to this situation because when" Rescue Rabbit" resolves it is off the field and therefore" Fiendish Chain" is no longer attached to anything. Big Shield Gardna: If" Big Shield Gardna" is targeted with a Spell Card, you may chain" Book of Moon" to flip it facedown, then it can negate the Spell Card and will flip back to faceup Defense Position.

Activate this card by targeting 1 Effect Monster on the field, negate the effects of that faceup monster while it is on the field, also that faceup monster cannot attack. When it is destroyed, destroy this card. TRAP Continuous Trap Card Description: Activate this card by targeting 1 Effect Monster on the field, negate that faceup monster's effects, Nov 29, 2013 I saw my friends arguing around this: his monster was countered by fiendish chain, and then he chained it by activating book of moon, and target his own monster to flip it face down.

the question is, is the fiendish chain destroyed or not? and when he chained, is the effect of" fiendish" still resolved? Fiendish Chain can also be used to negate the effects of any of your opponents Monarch Tribute Monsters, including Caius the Shadow Monarch and Raiza the Storm Monarch. This makes it a useful card to Side Deck in against Monarch Decks too. Card Name: Fiendish Chain Card Type: Trap Card Card YuGiOh!

Fiendish Chain (AP08EN003) Astral Pack: Booster Eight Unlimited Edition Ultimate Rare Product Description Points to 0. Card Name: Fiendish Chain Card Type: Trap Card Card May 17, 2015  2; if you replace fiendish chain with breakthrough skill and effect veiler, resolving negating that acids effect before its flipped facedown. sadly it will still resolve normally Cl1.

if book of moon was interdimensional matter Mar 05, 2014 Allen Fung is on the channel today to give a card ruling on a situation that keeps happening. Fiendish Chain vs Skill Drain vs Effect Veiler Card Ruling Video is taking place at Subscribe to Shining Yugi Eclipse Draw for the best replays and deck lists Jan 12, 2012 Does Book of Moon stop Fiendish Chain from affecting a monster it was previously affecting?

I know it would prevent it from working on a card that had just been targeted if Book of Moon resolved successfully for the same card in a Fiendish chain vs book of eclipse card following it.

Mar 07, 2013  2) Fiendish Chain has never had a problem with ignition priority as it can just chain to the effect and negate it. Cards that have problems with ignition priority are Bottomless Trap Hole, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Book Titles are supposed to be brief descriptions, something like" Book of Moon on Fiendish Chain".

The monster was not destroyed, so Fiendish Chain remains on the field (meaninglessly). Since the monster is detached, the monster's effect is no longer negated, even if the monster is flipped faceup again later. After the card is discard, then your opponent gets a chance to add an effect to the chain. If they pass, or add to it, then you get a chance to add to the chain link, but MST is already in the grave, so you can't activate it.

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