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Oct 01, 2012 DVD Release Date: 17 Oct 2011 Anyways, ordered. Last edited: Aug 13, 2011. yet when I just do a standard Play search for" pulp fiction" or" pulp fiction steelbook" the steelbook doesn't appear?

The french one offered something different. Xbox Live gamertag featherhall Online shopping for DVD& Bluray from a great selection of Featured Categories& more at everyday low prices.

Jul 24, 2015 Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but can someone confirm if the link on page 1 to this is actually a Steelbook? It doesn't look very Steelbooky from the picture on the Amazon page, and the description doesn't mention it is a Steelhowever, the second (smaller) picture on the Amazon page looks a Anyway, Go is no Pulp Fiction but, I will say I actually liked it too.

It does follow the same format by intertwining stories although, Go depicts a more" common" cast of characters which may appeal to a younger audience. I'm asked time and time again of as to what my favorite movie of all time is, and I always give the same answer: Pulp Fiction. This movie is, in my opinion, Tarantino's best work.

Like most Tarantino films, it has a hip and engaging dialogue. Pulp Fiction may be one of the greatest sophomore efforts by a director in the history of cinema and it still stands as one of Tarantinos greatest achievements, even with Kill Bill under his belt. Video Quality. This French Steelbook Bluray edition of Pulp Fiction from TFI looks superb.

The film arrives in its original 2. 35: 1 aspect ratio in an AVCMPEG Find great deals on eBay for pulp fiction steelbook. Shop with confidence. Jul 24, 2015 Plus, in a year, you can sell this for double the amount thats what teh fuss is about SteelBooks are damn near always limited, and thus the value goes up to the collectors and more and more peeps are converting from DVD to blu everyday all the older Bluray SteelBooks are gonna be crazy prices a year from now.

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