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Hours of Service: The 100 and 150 Air Mile Short Haul Exemption With the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule mandating many carriers to have an ELD to The most common exemption to the new ELD mandate applies to carriers who operate within a 100 to 150 air mile radius of their headquarters. Glostone Trucking Solutions: serving The 100 Air Mile Radius Driver's Exemption Logbooks are for driver's who drive within a 100 Air Mile Radius.

The term" Air Mile" is defined internationally as a" Nautical Mile". A" Nautical Mile" is equivalent to 6, 076 feet (1, 852 meters). 100 Air Miles are equivalent to 115. 08 Statute Miles (185. 2 KM). Apr 03, 2014 If you are operating under the 100 airmile radius exemption, you are not required to have a log book. If you know what requisites need to be met in order to fall under that 100 airmile exemption, and you meet them, then there is no reason why you should be filling out a log book.

100 Airmile Radius Exemption Interstate (395. 1(e)(1)) A driver is exempt from maintaining the driver s daily log requirements of Section 395. 8 if all of the fol lowing requirements are met: ELD Exemptions Explained: Understanding the Air Mile Exemption. Home DOT Compliance, Must operate solely within a 100 airmile radius I run a paper log book and Im scared to death of this electronic log book because I know the asphalt business and sometimes we are on hold for hours on the job.

How is this e log going DRIVERS TIME RECORD DRIVERS MAY PREPARE THIS REPORT INSTEAD OF DRIVERS DAILY LOG IF THE FOLLOWING APPLIES: Operates within 100 airmile radius for CDL or 150 mile radius for non CDL drivers. Returns to headquarters and is released from work within 12 consecutive hours.

Question 21: When a driver fails to meet the provisions of the 100 airmile radius exemption (section 395. 1(e)), is the driver required to have copies of hisher records of duty status for the previous seven days? Must the driver prepare daily records of duty status for the next seven days?

Qualifying for the 100 airmile radius or the 150 airmile radius provisions To qualify as a 100 airmile radius driver or 150 airmile radius driver certain requirements must be met, which are outlined in Section 395. 1 (e). Therefore, a 100 airmile radius from your work reporting location can be figured as 115. 08 statute, or roadmap, miles (185.

2 km) from your work reporting location. A 150 airmile radius from your Hi Scotty, The 150 air mile radius exemption is for nonCDL driversif youre driving a vehicle that requires a CDL, youll need to follow the 100 air mile radius exemption. In either case, youd have to stay within 6070 hours a week. DOT Hours of Service Rules FAQs May the driver of a propertycarrying vehicle be on duty for more than 14 hours?

Yes. A driver can continue to work beyond the end of the 14th hour of the day, but may not drive a commercial motor vehicle (unless using one of the 16hour exceptions). Under the 100 airmile radius exemption, the rule states that the driver must be out and back within a 12hour period. What if a driver goes over that 12hour period for one day? J. E. Log book rules for 100 mile radius drivers are required to make a Record of Duty Status (RODS), or a log, or log sheet of their activity (or status) during each 24hour period.

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