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No, points out Jerry Kaplan in his new book, Humans Need Not Apply. Automation is blind to the colour of your collar, he writes. Lawyers are under threat, for example, by the legal tech startup, FairDocument, Kaplan notes.

Of course, this book addresses the fact that in the future humans need not apply for many of today's jobs. It naturally also recognises that today's workers may have troubles executing tomorrow's jobs and that we need to proactively manage this disconnect. getAbstract Summary: Get the key points from this book in less than 10 minutes. Today's phenomenal acceleration in computing power and machine learning and the breakthroughs in sensor acuity herald an age Humans Need Not Apply is a 2014 short Internet video, directed, produced, written and edited by CGP Grey.

The video focuses on the future of the integration of automation into economics, as well as the impact of this integration to the worldwide workforce. It was released online as a YouTube video. In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: How synthetic intellects and forged laborers foreshadow both unprecedented prosperity and mass unemployment, ; How the ultrarich use technology to get richer faster, and How society can address the Increasingly maybe even alarmingly so the workers are not going to be human, but the products of artificial intelligence.

Its a genie that is already out of the bottle, and it is how we humans adapt to it that is the big question. Aug 13, 2014 Discuss this video: http: www. CGPGrey. com# # Robots, Etc Aug 18, 2014 If you do things the way people did them 15 years ago, you are toast. If any smart person can do your job with a few months of training, you are toast. Specialize. Pass the word to anyone you love or even like a little.

Bruce Kasanoff ghostwrites (and edits) articles for entrepreneurs. Image: a screenshot from Humans Need Not Apply. " A compelling, prophetic, and timely book from a leading technology thinker, Humans Need Not Apply is a mustread for entrepreneurs, scientists, policymakers, and anyone concerned about the promise and peril of artificially intelligent machines. " FeiFei Li, Director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Jerry Kaplan is published by Yale University Press, at 20 John McLaren is the chairman of the Barchester Group, a nonexecutive director of several companies in the UK and Humans need not apply summary of books and a novelist.

In Humans Need Not Apply, Jerry Kaplan, a computer industry veteran who is now a fellow in Stanford Universitys Center for Legal Informatics, leaves behind the deadly archetypes of speculative fiction to take a broad look at artificial intelligence as a realworld area of study. He draws on his knowledge of the computer industry and the Humans Need Not Apply has 30 ratings and 7 reviews. Debojit said: This book provides a realistic and balanced point of view to Artificial Intelligence.

I Humans Need Not Apply has 30 ratings and 7 reviews. Debojit said: This book provides a realistic and balanced point of view to Artificial Intelligence.

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