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Jul 18, 2011 So apparently in the light novel Back to The Legend of Maian. You must be registered to post! I suppose you're right but the author decided that to be the definitive ending, so regardless of the manga, that's what happens.

Does The Legend of Maian even have a light novel? I can't find anything to prove that there is a Light novel Jan 06, 2014  Basically, there is some omnipotent race in the universe called Nura that oversees many planets and worlds like the one taking place in the Legend of Maian. And the Nura deemed the world of Legend of Maian to be scrapped asap due to it being uninhabitable because of The Legend of Maian Manga Read The Legend of Maian Manga chapters, but no downloading The Legend of Maian manga chapters required May 04, 2012 Re: The Legend of Maian by animefreak1577 Thu Apr 19, 2012 1: 41 am Sorry it took so long to reply but the legend of main is not a light novel but a true novel and it was released in bulk, from beginning to end all at once.

The Legend of Maian is a fantasy manhwa and light novel series. It is based on the earlier novel and manhwa series Pit Aelia. The light novels, novels and manhwas are written by Lim Dall Young, with several people illustrating the works.

The people called him Maian the Brave (Yongja Maian) and it was he that sealed the evil sorceress. A thousand years later, Fenix Maian in a strange twist of fate releases the sealed sorceress that his ancestors have tried so hard to keep imprisoned.

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