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Over the years, eLDee has been a forerunner in the Nigerian music industry; in fact, the entertainment industry as a whole (just remembered his cameo in The Return of Jenifa). In this video, eLDee talks about his creative process for his upcoming album Undeniable; the album which should feature such smash hit singles as Wash Wash, Today Today and Higher. Undeniably eLDee is truly a Don! His new joints have been on repeat since I got them especially Wash Wash heavy tune.

360 No BullSht recommends eLDees 2 new tracks Today Today and Wash Wash which are off his upcoming album Undeniable (which will be his 5th album by the way). Listen to the tracks and enjoy. Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation [Bill Nye, Corey S.

Powell on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Evolution is one of the most powerful and important ideas ever developed in the history of science. The UNDENIABLE album by veteran but still very relevant artist eLDee the Don is finally out. It is an 11 track album that went the Quality over Quantity route; a SOLID piece of art sonically and content wise.

eLDee The Don Undeniable [Nigeria Dear User, we noticed you are using an AdBlocker. If you would like to continue enjoying the Hulkshare platform, please disable your AdBlocker. 31 Jan This track is taken off eLDee's last album Undeniable and he features Sojay aka Mr Sing your pants off on this one which chronicles his. 31 Jan One of my fave tunes off eLDee's album UNDENIABLE has to be We Made It featuring dopeass vocalist Sojay.

It was very touching to see grown men connecting with their own grief and pain. Tragically some of them shared how they wished they had a chance to talk about their own griefs and to grow from them. Apparently, in the prison system they often dont have a healthy outlet. As part of Eldees Trybe Records promotion campaign, The Don Embarks on a Nationwide Club tour, Featuring Trybe records artists K9, SARZ, SOJAY, SHEYMAN and ELDEE himself. This venture promises to be unrivaled in terms of quality, style and pizzazz.

Mar 26, 2012 eLDee's first video off his 5th studio album titled" Undeniable". Todaytoday is the perfect African wedding song. Enjoy! In his new book Undeniable, Bill Nye dubs this The Great Creationism Debate. Contrary to Nyes claims, however, this debate is not a battle between scientists and Ken Hams followers, or even between science and the Bible.

eLDee has worked as an artist, producer, video director and a interactive media consultant. He is passionate about African social issues. Eldee the don undeniable book life" Lanre" is a diminutive for the Yoruba name" Olanrewaju" (which translates to" Wealth is moving forward" ).

Online shopping from a great selection at Digital Music Store. Ok, so this book wasn't my favorite. i didn't like the way everyone was talking. i don't mind few" Fuck you, cunt and bitch" every now and then but Undeniable was just TOO MUCH FOR ME. it was super cute when it started, Then went straight down to hellfor me at least, well i guess you win some you lose some, on to the next one.

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