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The hadrremotehost, hadrremotesvc, and hadrremoteinst configuration parameters are automatically configured in Db2 pureScale environments, so they can be left as blank (logically NULL). For more information on automatic configuration, see this section.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows October 2012 International Technical Support Organization SG The full test scenarios for DB2 HADR high availability policy are described in Automated cluster controlled HADR configuration setup using the IBM DB2 high availability instance configuration utility For maintenance scenarios, e. g. upgrade DB2 or TSA or System patch, refer here: These instructions allow you to setup HADR for DB2 on a Windows environment.

However the same commands can be used for Linux and UNIX by simply changing the" D: \" to a valid path. Above command will enable to database for log archiving and keep the Prior to DB2 V10.

1, HADR database config parameters require database shutdown and restart to take effect. See also HADR Database Configuration Parameters See HADR config for description of relevant parameters and the optimal setting. Why do we need to configure 'Alternate server hostname' on DB2 HADR server in addition to JDBC properties configuration on DB2 client side?

Basically I want to understand how connection works with the following configuration. Hi! The command db2pd db hadr.

Select all Open in new window. will give you the status of the HADR and the current log on the standbyprimary. db2 get db cfg for yourdbname grep" First active log file" will also give you what the current active log file is on standbyprimary. ANSWER. If you want to use IBM DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR), it is Db2 hadr configuration redbookmag that you install IBM WebSphere Application Server, and that you configure Data Sources, so that you can use the J2EE connection to the database in JTS Setup.

The Data Source configuration in WebSphere Application Server allows you to specify the connection information for the alternate

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