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computer pioneer alan kay has won the prestigous kyoto prize for his innovative work on personal computers. mr. kay, who previously won the coveted draper and turing awards, famously stated that The Dynabook of Alan Kay Alan Kay is an American computer scientist, known for his early pioneering work on computers, objectoriented programming and windowing graphical user interface design.

Alan Curtis Kay was born on May 17, 1940, in Springfield, Massachusetts. Apr 16, 2018 Alan Kay brought my Atari User Group (SPACE group) the ROM listing for the Atari 800 computer to a meeting in Kent Washington. Spoke to the group and showed a video. botvinnik In 1993, Kay's vision of Dynabook finally transformed itself into reality in the form of Apple's late, lamented (by many) Newton. " However, what was released was a far cry from Kay's dream Alan Kay, inventor of Smalltalk, apparently gave some interesting talks at the University of Utah recently.

Bill Clementson has a post about the talks and some of the comments Alan has made about Lisp in the past. Most people who graduate with CS degrees don't understand the significance of Lisp. The Dynabook. Source: A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages, Alan Kay, XEROX PARC 1968. November 5th, 2008 was the 40th anniversary since computer scientist Alan Kay devised the" Dynabook Alan Kays Dynabook Rare NHK Video, 1: 14' [2010 Alan Kay et al.

: STEPS Toward Expressive Programming Systems, 2010 Progress Report Submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) October 2010. Steve Jobs, Before the iPad, On Why Tablets Suck 279. Steve Jobs, Before the iPad, On Why Tablets Suck More Login. Steve Jobs, Before the iPad, On Why Tablets Suck Conceptually, the credit should go to Alan Kay for the" Dynabook. " The 1989 GRiDpad was the first real product, and there was an immense amount of buzz around GO!

Alan Kay's Dynabook and the start of portable computers Timeline created by Sportsboy8. In Science and Technology. Jan 1, 1966. Starts with Alan Kay's concept of the Dynabook and then lists other portable computers that were created after the Dynabook concept. You might like: Reto 0: RYAN AIREA. Jan 28, 2016  Presentation given by Alan Kay (introduced by John Shoch) at the ACM Conference on the History of Personal Workstations, held at Rickeys Hyatt House in Palo Alto, California, on January 9 and Dec 23, 2010  Alan Kay with Dynabook Prototype on Its 40th Anniversary (Image via Wikipedia) Negropontes compelling argument for the advantages of ebooks over paper might be reason enough to read Points of Watch video  With all the intensity and brilliance for which he is known, Alan Kay envisions better techniques for teaching kids by using computers to illustrate experience in ways mathematically and scientifically that only computers can.

Apr 02, 2013  Alan Kay: I have been asked versions of this question for the last twenty years or so. Ninetyfive percent of the Dynabook idea was a service conception, and five percent had to do with physical forms, of which only one the slim notebook is generally in the public view. Nov 26, 2008 In this lecture, Alan Kay first presents a historical overview of computing and technological developments that led to personal computing and influenced his thoughts on creating the Dynabook. Alan Kay, one of the key members at Xerox Corporations Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), to develop prototypes of networked workstations using the programming language Smalltalk, provides a nice walk down memory lane.

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