How to create briefing book in obiee 11g download

May 07, 2014  Briefing Books, OBIEE 11G, OBIEE Steps to create Briefing book: 1. First we have to check the privileges for the briefing book. So two contents and its reports will be saved in Briefing book download and check. 17. Click on comparison to check the report, you can check the date and time of adding the briefing book as Working with Oracle BI Briefing Books.

The following procedure explains how to create a briefing book. To download the briefing book, click the Get Now button and specify the location in which to save it. Downloaded briefing books are saved with an. ssb file extension. You can then email or share the briefing book. 4 Building and Using Dashboards. To download the briefing book in PDF format, click PDF and then open or save the file.

To use an agent to deliver a briefing book: Create or edit the agent to be used to deliver the briefing book. For Usage of Briefing Books in OBIEE 11g Working with Oracle BI Briefing Books Oracle BI Briefing Books are used to storecapture a series of static images of pagesrequests at server, allowing the information to be viewed offline and shareable with others users or we can keep track of changes offline.

A briefing book navigation link is a special type of link that can be added to a dashboard using the Dashboard Editor. When a briefing book navigation link is found in content included in a briefing book, the destination content for OBIEE briefing books reports the captured series of snapshots of Oracle BI Dashboards.

The Briefing Book provides a way to create snapshots of dashboard pages, view them offline, or share them with others. Creating Briefing Book in OBIEE 11g and then select the Briefing Book which we have created or create new Briefing Book using the preceding steps.

6. Right click on the Briefing book from dashboard and select further option to edit or download the briefing book. Happy Blogging! ! ! Bose. at December 13, 2012. In Briefing Book section 'Download Briefing Book' this enables to option to download or print captured information. Set who can download by users or groups. Based on login, user will be able see Briefing Book icon link where ever is applicable.

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